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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Location
18338A2013KenworthT400Cummins ISL 345Non3000HSPerrysburg, OH
SH062015KenworthT680PACCAR MX13 45572" Adyne/ACabUltraShiftPerrysburg, OH
183972016FreightlinerM2Cummins ISL 300Non3000 RDSPerrysburg, OH
184052016FreightlinerM2 106Cummins ISL 300Non3000 RDSPerrysburg, OH
184062016FreightlinerM2 106Cummins ISL 300Non3000 HSPerrysburg, OH
183622013Peterbilt384PACCAR MX13 430NonAUTOMATICPerrysburg, OH
184232017Peterbilt579Cummins ISX 415NonUltraShiftPerrysburg, OH
184612017FreightlinerCASCADIADetroit DD 15 475NonDT 12Perrysburg, OH
184602015MackCXU613Mack MP7 0NonMDRIVEPerrysburg, OH
184592015VolvoVNLVolvo D11 405NonI SHIFTPerrysburg, OH
184622017InternationalPROSTARCummins ISX 450NonUltraShiftPerrysburg, OH
184642017InternationalPROSTARCummins ISX 450NonUltraShiftPerrysburg, OH
184652020FreightlinerCascadiaDetroit DD 15 455NonDT12Perrysburg, OH
184632017InternationalPROSTARCummins ISX 450NonULTRASHIFTPerrysburg, OH
184662020FreightlinerCASCADIADetroit DD 15 455NonDT12Perrysburg, OH
184682018International4400Cummins ISL 350Non3000 HSPerrysburg, OH
  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Location
183892015FreightlinerM2 106Cummins ISB 6.7 2802500 HSPerrysburg, OH
  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Location
184162015Kenwortht270PACCAR PX7 240Perrysburg, OH
184412017Hino195Hino J05E-TP 2106SPDPerrysburg, OH
184352015FreightlinerM2 106Cummins ISB 6.7 2402500HSPerrysburg, OH
184582021GMC4500 SAVANNAGMPT 6.6L 400AutoPerrysburg, OH
  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Location
183802014FordF350FORD 6.2L 385AutoPerrysburg, OH
184182018FordF550 4X4FORD 6.8 L GAS 424AutoPerrysburg, OH
DSDODGE1946DodgeWF32Dodge T118 104Perrysburg, OH
184512017FordTRANSIT-350FORD 3.7L 270AutoPerrysburg, OH
184532016FordTRANSIT 350FORD 3.7L 270AutoPerrysburg, OH
184522016FordTRANSIT 350FORD 3.7L 270AutoPerrysburg, OH
  Unit# Year Make Model Length Axle Capacity GVWR Location
DM04722024DEMCOSIDE DUMP     Perrysburg, OH
DM04842024DEMCODD-48-5-353'     Perrysburg, OH
DMLQ2024DEMCOLIQUID TENDER38'     Perrysburg, OH
DM05212024DEMCO34' STEEL HOPPE34'     Perrysburg, OH
DM02432024DEMCO38' STEEL38'     Perrysburg, OH
DM05802024DEMCO24' STEEL24'     Perrysburg, OH
165361998Moffet22' flat     Perrysburg, OH
167312002Morgan26' van26'     Perrysburg, OH
17FREN2004Morgan24' van24'     Perrysburg, OH
177272003morgan22'     Perrysburg, OH
176752000Capital28' Reefer28'     Perrysburg, OH
178322006Supreme22' Van Body22'     Perrysburg, OH
178452006Great Dane45' x102"45'   75,000 lbs   Perrysburg, OH
179412007Kidron26' Reefer Body26'     Perrysburg, OH
179472007Kidron26' Reefer body26'     Perrysburg, OH
179532007Kidron26' reefer Body26'     Perrysburg, OH
18214A2012FreightlinerSteel Flat9'     Perrysburg, OH
179712008van9' van9'     Perrysburg, OH
184152007SILVER EAGLESINGLE AXLE DOL     Perrysburg, OH
184142007SILVER EAGLESINGLE AXLE DOL     Perrysburg, OH
184092009SILVER EAGLESINGLE AXLE DOL     Perrysburg, OH
184132007SILVER EAGLESINGLE AXLE DOL     Perrysburg, OH
184102009SILVER EAGLESINGLE AXLE DOL     Perrysburg, OH
184112009SILVER EAGLESINGLE AXLE DOL     Perrysburg, OH
CONHN2004Great Dane53' Reefer53'     Perrysburg, OH
CONHN22004Utility53' Reefer53'     Perrysburg, OH
CONHN32004Hyundai53' Reefer53'     Perrysburg, OH
CONHN42004Wabash53' REEFER53'     Perrysburg, OH
184401999MorganDry Van24'     Perrysburg, OH
MT49682019Merritt42' AgMax42'     Perrysburg, OH
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